We Heart Santorini Part Two


Fira is the capital of Santorini, it is the busiest part of the island, it has magical views of the caldera and volcano and beautiful white building such as churches, museum and cathedrals. There is a lively atmosphere with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars.

We strolled up along the narrow paths in the evenings and enjoyed the scenery. One evening we had delicious sushi at a restaurant called ‘Ginger Sushi’. We knew that this was not traditional Greek food but how could we say no?

The best place to relax, have a cocktail and watch the sunset was ‘PK cocktail bar’ where you can admire the breathtaking view. We saw our first Santorini sunset, this was one of the longest and most beautiful sunsets we’d ever experienced. If you ever decide to go make sure you reserve front row tables in advance, especially just before sunset for the best views to avoid disappointment.

We highly recommended visiting Fira than Oia if you are wanting to let loose and be wild. It has more nightlife and shopping and obviously the best views! Fira’s more charming, rather than Oia as this was more of a local town rather than a tourist location. We really enjoyed it but be prepared for the large crowd though!

Stay tuned for Mykonos.

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We Heart Santorini Part One


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Hope you enjoyed our post “We Heart Santorini – Imerovigli” If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the LINK

And it’s not over yet, here we go!

The first thing we saw when we woke up the first morning, the views from our room every morning was just amazing. We couldn’t believe the breathtaking panoramic views stretching as far as the eye could see in Imerovigli. We were thinking are we really in Santorini? We had to pinch ourselves to make sure it was real!

We’ve decided to take a walk from our hotel to Oia. We happily agreed to go ahead to do this walk on a recommendation from our hotel manager, we were told that the walk from Imerovigli to Oia could take up to 3 hours. We love getting out of town because there are so many places to just sit and admire the view in every stop. The funny part was that we end up hiking in sandals and dress. Everyone looked at us in a good way and they probably said we must be crazy, haha.

The walk is the toughest for Heroda in her sandals because Heroda hadn’t experienced it before and Hermon had it in South America. The most challenging part of the walk was going down a long, steep, rocky hill. We were so determined to get there to Oia even the weather was hot. Hiking is the best way to experience Santorini, it’s easy to follow the awe-inspiring coastline. The view was jaw-dropping, incredibly beautiful from the darkest blue sea, caldera and interesting volcanos. This is one of those places where you are reminded that nature is purely natural and beautiful. As you keep on walking, you can see lots of little-whitewashed villages dot the edge of the caldera.

We finally reached Oia, we wandered a beautiful area of Santorini, with whitewashed buildings, blue domes and cobblestone streets, even though it was insanely busy and too crowded for us. We know how popular Oia is, the hot spot for Instagrammer, wedding photo and obviously sunsets. It can be hectic though. We stayed in Oia all day and catch the taxi back to Fira for sunset.


Yes, it is possible to walk from Imerovigli to Oia in 3 hours, take your time, enjoy the walk, and soak up the views. Allowing between 4 and 5 hours would be ideal. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, some snacks, and some water. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen!

We are so glad that we planned to go hiking in Santorini, it ended up one of our favourite adventures, we would definitely come back in a heartbeat. Travelling with your brother or sister is important. It makes for better memories, a better appreciation of each other and a stronger relationship.

A pictures is worth a thousand words.


Photos by Being Her and Nabih Kassam Photography


We Heart Santorini


Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the whole planet for its rare natural beauty that every traveller should see once in a lifetime.

⇒   Santorini’s official name is actually Thira. It’s a gifted and small Greek island

⇒   The active volcano of Santorini erupted in the 1950’s and ruined many of the towns of Island

⇒   The island sits in the water-filled caldera of a massive volcano that is thought to have ended Minoan civilisation on Crete.

⇒   Before it was called Santorini, the island was known as Kallístē, meaning “the most beautiful one.”

⇒   Due to its volcanic past, Santorini has white, black, AND red beaches.

⇒    Despite a harsh, dry climate, Santorini has a flourishing wine industry.

We have always wanted to visit Santorini for years, became obsessed with the idea of visiting Santorini after seeing so many pictures on Instagram and other social media. We knew it was going to be ridiculously expensive, but we were determined to visit there on a budget and managed to find a fantastic deal!

Finally, we made a stop on one of our bucket list destination in Santorini, Greece. There is no other word to describe this place other than magical.

Imergrovigli is the quietest town along the caldera and has the island’s best sunset views and everything else! It is a perfect spot for taking pictures and it is so romantic. It is not far from the town, Firostephanie and Fira, about a 15-20 minutes walk.

We stayed Zenith Blue Hotel in a family cave suite with Panoramic Caldera and Volcano views private terrace, this was a tremendous view. The room was great and the breakfast was included but it wasn’t as great as we hoped. This was overall an amazing location, one of the best views on the entire island.

We wanted to explore this area in Imergrovigli and find out what’s out there. It was very peaceful to walk around with lots of hidden gem along the path and there were no tourists at all!

However, there’s one place you must visit – Skaros Rock. A place to enjoy the silence, nature and the wonderful view we doubt you’ve seen before. This probably had one of the best sunsets in town.

La Maison Resturant is a Greek fusion cuisine, it’s a gem with amazing foods and friendly service. It’s great spot overlooking the cliff and sunset. To be honest, the price was quite expensive, we had two meals and drink costing approximately 60 euros, we think it is worth it if you want to experience Greek foods. Also, they offer a free mini starter and cute dessert

We’re pleased to be a brand ambassador for Maureen Ayite, Nanawax from Africa. Nanawax is the ready to wear brand and they’ve got a beautiful collection which is African print with a modern twist, which we LOVE!. We’re wearing a very colourful and gorgeous print top with the wrap belt, that you can wear in two ways, off the shoulder and v-neck. We admire Maureen because she supports deaf community and knows the sign language.

Stay tuned for Oia and Fira!