Good morning, guess where we are at the moment? Santorini, we’re still in awe at how beautiful it is. The pictures will be up soon.

The best things about being women are the sisterhood. We enjoy dressing up every single day, giving life, own the feelings, relationships with other women, inspire and empower women.

 We found the lovely blogger from ‘My Bantu Diary‘ who wanted to share about us as “Being Her” who understands us well.

“BEING HER is the bet taken by two young women to highlight their sisterhood through colourful images and acidulated texts that I have been enjoying for a few days. I wanted to share with you this lovely discovery which has the advantage of also giving me some inspirations to improve my blog and make the sharing both vibrant and vibrant.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect of their shots that you can discover Being Her, I was especially sensitive to their complicity, their naturalness which makes them even more beautiful and especially this subtle poetry that shines through their style.

Hermon and Heroda remind me of the importance of strong ties between sisters. For me who has two, I do not always measure enough the chance I have of having them. And yet, they are extraordinary women.

They are the mirror in which I can look at myself without shame or envy. Not because I am without defect, but because they will always act with love, sincerity and benevolence, without ever using condescension or defiance towards me. The sisters are the friends we need, those who do not betray or jealous. They are our best allies, those who will stand up for you, those who will fight for you when your strength will let you go.

The sisters are our guardian angels, those who watch over us and protect our backs, making our interests prevail sometimes to the detriment of theirs in the name of love alone.

To you who have sisters, I hope this article and these pictures will speak to you. Cherish your sisters, they are a part of you as much as you are a part of them”

We are so lucky to have each other.

Enjoy the post!

Hermon’s wearing:

Zara Military Blazer (similar here) | Bershka jeans (similar here) | Miss Selfridges tops | River island sandals (old) | Sienna Alexander Sunglasses

Heroda’s wearing:

Zara dress (similar here) | Zara off shoulder crop top | H&M flare trouser (old) | Public Desire boots (old) | Sandro bucket bag (similar here) | Ray Ban Sunglasses









We have been wanting to go to Lisbon for a long time. Our brother booked his holiday in Azores, Portugal and thought it would be a bonus to spend time with him in Lisbon after his trips in Azores. We booked last-minute flight and Airbnb apartments for 5 days. I’m not sure if you remember when we told you that our goal for 2017 is to travel to 12 countries in 12 months? We are delighted that Lisbon is our 2nd of the 12 countries/cities in 12 months, it’s getting excited now!

We arrived in Lisbon in a warm weather and felt very welcome. Thankfully the host organised a private taxi for us. If you don’t like wait in the line for a normal taxi at the airport, I’d advise you to book a taxi in advance and if you are a real traveller, take a train or metro.

We stayed in the apartment in Barrio Alto, and it was even better than we expected. The location was perfect. The view was unbelievable. There’s something really nice about staying in an apartment when you’re in a charming yet quirky city, you can almost pretend you’re local for 5 days. The balcony is a great bonus for experiencing the buzz of the city whilst being private.

The Bairro Alto/Chiado is one of the most characterful and attractive neighbourhoods in Lisbon. It’s a place where people meet in an eclectic and multicultural atmosphere. At night everything is different, you’ll see people drinking out on the streets and having a good time, we loved every minute of it. If you need some shopping in Lisbon, this is the place to go.

Wandering a city with no plans is always a good idea. We love wandering through the narrow streets and stunning traditional buildings. Lisbon is colourful and it just made us fall in love with the city even more. We walked a LOT for the last 5 days, be prepared to walk up and down the hill to explore the city.

Alfama is our favourite gem where you can feel the old soul of the city. It’s a place to wander and get lost in the maze of the streets to find the real beauty of Lisbon. We stopped by at Ai Maria where you can drink the cherry liquor. Ginjinha in a  little cup made of chocolate  and it was delicious. If you are in Lisbon, you must try!

The view was breathtaking at Miradouro das Portas do Sol.

LX Factory is a hidden gem where no one goes. It seems that people go  there to enjoy an awesome vibes of this creative spot. There’s also lots of independent shops, bars and restaurants all with their own character. Oh! Brigadeiro is a charming little café and they are Brazilian sweet, made from condensed milk and chocolate, very popular in Portugal.

Timeout Market, Mercado da Ribeira. If you love food and drink this is a must whilst in Lisbon. The whole concept of the market is brilliant, it is a vibrant and fun place to eat. We were amazed when we arrived, all the food you can eat from the best independent food brands, which by far is always the best to try out. We went insane and couldn’t decide but ended up going for Marlene Vieira which is a popular food with octopus, spinach and potato gratin. Heaven foods and the environment were so lively. You can’t go wrong!

The most popular of these little treats is a must, the pasteis de nata after our dinner. We have never been an egg tart fan, but after having one at Manteigaria, we understand why people love this pastry, but for Heroda the flavour was too rich  but overall it was delicious. It’s also awesome that you can eat while you watching them baking.


When you visit Lisbon, you have to spend a day to explore Sintra. It’s a real gem where fairytale comes to life! There are so many historical treasures that are worth to see.

From Lisbon, it is easy to get to Sintra on a direct train from Rossio Station. It takes about 40 minutes and you can get tickets face to face or self-service machine. When you arrive, you will need transport between the palace and there are lots of options to choose but we decided to get on the private hop on hop off tour called Sympathy Paradise Tour.

We spent the whole day in Sintra and managed to see three of the most famous fairytale spots which are Pena, Castle of Moor and Quinta da Reganleria Castles. The guide was warm and open-minded,  he showed us around and dropped us off where there are special things to see, and a lovely local restaurant, good and cheap!

Quinta da Reganleria

A rich land owner employs an amazing young architect and this is what they create. Simply superb. It’s a maze of paths, tunnels, secret passages and mysterious things underground. We spent hours wandering around or running through caves and up hills like kids. It was such a fun time and so beautiful.

Castle of the Moor

This castle was built during the eighth and ninth centuries, on top of the mountains, so it offers a panoramic view of the town. Inside the walls of the castle is a chapel, which was built much later, in the 12th – century.

Walked the length of the entire grounds and it was absolutely beautiful. The views of the castle as well as from the castle are worth taking all those stairs and hills in a short of time because it was raining heavily and foggy, we didn’t even take photos. We were hoping to visit Pena when the rain stops and WE DID!

 Park and National Palace of Pena

The Pena National Palace is a classic example of 19th-century Romantic architecture. It was constructed by King Ferdinand and Queen Maria II as a vacation home. The opulence of the place may have something to do with why the royal family was exiled in 1910 and Portugal became a republic. Since then it’s existed primarily as a tourist attraction. 

We were so glad when the rain stops and it was cloudy, which mean less tourist. It’s a wonderful palace to visit. Very fairy tale like, we felt like a princess exploring the quirky and colourful palace. Beautiful surroundings and views.

You understand why Sintra is called a fairy tale town. This may sound cheesy, but the palace kind of gives us a Disney feeling because it is so charming, colourful and romantic. It’s everyone’s dream of castle.

That’s a wrap for Portugal, we will be back!


We created a stylish look by wearing a pleated skirt with our logo t-shirt, striking prints flat mules and our fun bags. This pleated skirt is feminine and got a luxuriously soft touch feel to it also it reaches to the knees, we also added a rock and roll t-shirt, retro 1950s elegance – keep classic and chic. Which flatters all type of body shapes. we found this stunning flat mules with gorgeous detail from River Island, very reasonable prices. It’s chic & comfortable super easy to walk. This is absolutely perfect for all occasions, no wonder why we are so obsessed with our shoes.

There was the cool moment, whilst on the shoot surprisingly a driver with Roll-Royce came and parked his car next to us so we had to move somewhere for a better shoot. Then he insisted for us to use his car for the photo shoot. We didn’t expect it and we were lucky enough, it feels rare and special. Amazing experience, such a lovely guy.


Hermon’s wearing :

Chicwish Pleated Skirts  (similar here and here) | Miss Selfridge T-Shirt | Zara Bag | River Island Mules


Heroda’s wearing :

Chicwish Pleated Skirts (similar here and here) | Miss Selfridge T-Shirt (here) | Sandro Bag (similar here) | River Island Mules (Sold out)

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


Easter is just around the corner, it’s another one of our favourite seasons of the year as it means spring is here! The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and of course the naughty chocolate. We like chocolate. ALOT.

It is a great excuse to celebrate with your family and the perfect time to get together with people that you care about so much. We love a good easter egg hunt when we were young in America. We would love to host an egg hunt brunch next year.

The stripes and frills bell sleeves keep coming back in fashion in this spring and summer, we found some beautiful tops under £30.

Hermon is wearing a striped top that you can wear in two ways, front and back. Heroda is wearing Lost ink shirts with frill bell sleeves (from Asos we’ve got voucher points which are a bonus!) We love the bell sleeves details that make it a little more dramatic.

We really admire how they look on us with ripped jeans and a denim pinafore dress. It’s super comfortable and goes with everything.

Happy Easter!

Hermon’s wearing:

Zara Striped Top | Berksha Ripped Jeans | Tory Burch Sandals {similar here}

Heroda’s wearing:

Lost Ink Check Shirt | Topshop Pinafore Dress {similar here and here} | Caverla Sandals {similar here}

Photos by Victoria Metaxas