2017 has just flown by so fast, we honestly can’t believe it has already been an entire year since we started Being Her. It hasn’t been easy but in the best kind of way. We could never have imagined that this crazy journey would be so exciting.

Huge sacrifices were made, but united we started our blog together. We were inspired by a true passion for fashion, we noticed people were hungry for real inspiration. So, we set up our blog to share our journey in the hope of showing a realistic view on life, while expressing our different personalities. We want to tell the world that you should embrace your disability or flaws and not hide from them. We feel it is important to challenge the world’s attitude and views towards people with disabilities.

We love combining our great passions in life; travel and fashion. Our blog gives us the opportunity to widen our perspective. The more you see, the less you hate. Prejudice is a big part of the human condition and the more cultures you experience the more you realise they are not that different from us. Being Deaf isn’t a barrier, being scared isn’t a barrier. Be brave, be courageous and new experiences will alter your life forever.

At times it has been a little overwhelming for us because it’s our job to keep up the momentum of Being Her. What makes us feel strong and positive is taking up new challenges and fighting back from failures with determination. We have experienced many difficult experiences, but no matter how many up’s and downs we go through, our experiences have brought us closer together and made our relationship stronger because we understand each other.

We have always liked to set ourselves targets and our aim for 2017 was to travel as much as we could… We were fortunate enough to travel to Greece, Lisbon, France, Iceland and Malta. We gotta keep travelling, whenever we can and our first visit in 2018 will be to Denmark. Travelling is a passion that must be fulfilled.

One of the many highlights of 2017 was being featured in ELLE South Africa, CNN, Blavity, Konbini, Marie Claire South Africa. Travel Noire and were happy to collaborate with Daniel Wellington, Airbnb, Illicia, Nanawax, Breast Cancer Care and Happy Socks. We are also excited to be working with a new agency, The Presley Group based in Los Angeles, what an amazing opportunity. It’s been a wonderful year, one where we managed to break down many barriers. With hard work and dedication we aim to make 2018 a year to remember… we’re ready to rock and roll. Our interview with Forbes Woman Africa out now in Forbes Woman Africa Jan 2018

We absolutely love the stylish looks we have created, the boho pieces that will never go out of fashion. We love to wear tribal, colourful and free-spirited yet beautiful prints. The clothes you wear reflect your personality, making us feel bold and full of life. There are no rules when it comes to wearing a hat, it will always make an outfit never break it. Boho chic is one of our all-time favourite style vibes.

So, let’s see what adventures await us in Year Two of Being Her. From the bottom of our heart, we wanted to THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

We wish you the most magical year ahead.

Lots of love!

Hermon’s wearing:

Pretty Little Things Dress | Public Desire High Knee Boots | Lack of Color Hat (similar here)

Heroda’s wearing:

Mango Maxi Dress (similar here and here) | Public Desire Ankle Boots | Lack of Color Hat (similar here)


Easter is just around the corner, it’s another one of our favourite seasons of the year as it means spring is here! The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and of course the naughty chocolate. We like chocolate. ALOT.

It is a great excuse to celebrate with your family and the perfect time to get together with people that you care about so much. We love a good easter egg hunt when we were young in America. We would love to host an egg hunt brunch next year.

The stripes and frills bell sleeves keep coming back in fashion in this spring and summer, we found some beautiful tops under £30.

Hermon is wearing a striped top that you can wear in two ways, front and back. Heroda is wearing Lost ink shirts with frill bell sleeves (from Asos we’ve got voucher points which are a bonus!) We love the bell sleeves details that make it a little more dramatic.

We really admire how they look on us with ripped jeans and a denim pinafore dress. It’s super comfortable and goes with everything.

Happy Easter!

Hermon’s wearing:

Zara Striped Top | Berksha Ripped Jeans | Tory Burch Sandals {similar here}

Heroda’s wearing:

Lost Ink Check Shirt | Topshop Pinafore Dress {similar here and here} | Caverla Sandals {similar here}

Photos by Victoria Metaxas 


Only 4 days left until Valentine’s Day (uh oh) So if you are a little stuck on last minute gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend, these are perfect! We wanted to share these top 10 gift ideas that she will adore. Happy Shopping!

1. Selfish Mother Sweatshirt 

2. Bella Freud

3. Valentino Garavani Pump

4. Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick

5. Halcyon Days Bangles

6. Ray Ban Sunglasses 

7. Olivia Burton

8. Jeni Earrings

9. Agent Provocateur Bra

10. Adidas Gazelle 


We were born and raised in a beautiful tiny country called Eritrea. I bet you never heard of it. You know Ethiopia? It’s like above there. We were having a happy childhood like any other children. We became profoundly deaf at age 7 at the same time due to unknown causes, we were playing together in the backyard of our parent’s house, our mother was trying to call our names and we did not hear at all. Our mother approached us and tapped on our shoulder. she had noticed that we babbled at a young age but then did not respond our names consistently. My parents were not aware that we couldn’t hear.

My parent discussed seeing a doctor, however, my father was in denial that we were deaf. They took us to see a variety of doctors searching for help in Eritrea, Ethiopia and USA where we had many hearing tests. The doctor put the hearing aid in both of our ears. We started to recognise the sounds and we hated it. It took us a while to accepted that we were deaf. Being deaf doesn’t stop us from what we want to do because we can do anything except hear. We thanked our parent for giving up their life for us when we moved to the UK because of our deafness and opportunity for a better life and education.

Before we became deaf, we remember the sound of church bells, chicken clucking, rain and conversation. Whilst in the civil war in Eritrea, we always heard the sound of gun fires and explosion, it is so loud it sounds like it’s coming from the next room, we had to hide in the bathroom to protect ourselves and it is terrifying. I remember my mother was talking to her neighbour by the gates, we caught gun fires in the sky like a star shooting.

We were invited to our neighbour’s birthday party, it was supper. There were little rolls, things to munch on, sandwiches and most important of all – a cake. Boys were invited as well as girls. We had a game contest. Something is going on over the hill and you can simply feel that something is coming. At that moment my mother and maid managed to run back to neighbour’s and get to us and we didn’t understand what the war was. An explosion went off behind us, Heroda tripped over while our mother was holding her hand, she was sweating with fear and sadness and pulled her hard, came back to our home and checking if we’re all ok but it was terrible.

Okay, let’s talk about the traditional dress called Zuria for special Eritrean occasion. We wanted to be like our mother when we were growing up and looked up to her, having her hair braided and being decorated with henna, gold jewellery and put on the beautiful Zuria dress – Our Eritrean queen. We got the modern dress for our friend’s wedding in July and it was magical.

The colour is bold yet simple and beautiful embroidery, kutisha choker and our mother’s gold earrings with a pair of the £47 Converse high top.

We all know habesha wedding are fun. You have no idea how huge they are – I’m talking about people, yes hundreds of people like wedding crashers. I mean Eritrean community know everybody and everybody. Not just the celebration but reunion and of course Eritrean foods. Yummy. The dance takes hours and hours of Eritrea dance on the dance floor. We all know heels hurts and they’re bad for you right? Think you can’t wear trainer to a wedding and party. Yes, the trainer on its own or can replace the heel because it is always good to have the backup pair of the trainer. We love converse goes with everything from casual to night out – easy and totally cool.

We may travel to Eritrea this year, hopefully, and we can show you our motherland with lots of pictures.


Hermon’s wearing:

Zuria dress | Kutisha choker | Gold earrings | Converse 

Heroda’s wearing:

Zuria dress | Kutisha choker | Gold earrings | Converse 

Photos by Victoria Metaxas 

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