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Let’s talk about MUSIC and our love of dance…

 Music adds depth to life. In the same way we love to brighten our hearts with a vibrant pair of shoes or a dashing pink jumper, music adds colour to our lives. Have you ever been stuck inside on a cold rainy day, but a song lifted your spirits so much that you couldn’t help but move to it? Hearing people always assume that deaf people cannot hear music and that the only way to enjoy music is by hearing it. How wrong can you be!

Firstly, being deaf doesn’t mean you can’t hear anything at all, as there are different levels of deafness. Vibration, sense or feel play a major part in how deaf people experience music – and the everyday harmonies that hearing people take for granted. 

We are so excited to share with you what happened at a concert that took place during the ‘Life is Beautiful’ festival in Las Vegas, thanks to Avnet and Not Impossible Labs. 

Avnet is a technology solutions company, and Not Impossible Labs creates technology for the sake of humanity. They came together because they felt inspired by the deaf community and brought to life a new product called Music: Not Impossible, a wearable product that helps deaf people experience music in a new way. Music: Not Impossible features exciting new technology called Vibrotextile™ that turns music into a full body experience by creating sensations on the skin. The two companies unveiled Music: Not Impossible at this special concert during National Deaf Awareness month in September where rock band Greta Van Fleet performed.

Music: Not Impossible features a lightweight vest with wrist and ankle bands. During the invitation-only live music event, members of both the deaf and hearing communities wore the sensory product. When the music began and the audience first felt the haptic vibrations all over their bodies, the joy was visible. The vibrations were in beat with the music, and the vests even featured colourful LED lights that add to the experience. No matter if they were hearing or deaf, the appreciation of music was taken to a new level.

All deaf people, no matter their level of hearing, have the opportunity to experience concerts or music events in a new way with this technology. Usually, deaf-friendly artists or shows provide interpreters on-stage to communicate the artist’s performance. Whilst this is good and to be encouraged, a truer experience of any music performance can be had with the uniqueness of Music: Not Impossible. By bringing this technology to life for so many, with the desire to include the deaf community, Avnet has truly made an impact on people’s lives!

The Music: Not Impossible vest is not obtrusive and doesn’t distract you from the pleasure of listening, moving and shaking whatever body parts you wish to shake…

Share the rhythm and share the beat. Music is for EVERYONE!

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African Sisters in Morocco Part II


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Selman Marrakech

We had a chillin’ pass which cost 60 pounds (A la carte lunch and Pool) booked at the 5 stars Selman Hotel, 15 minutes away from the city by taxi. We were blown away by the stunning architecture, the interiors and mosaics. We were warmly greeted and walked into the hotel, it was magical, unique, an Arabian dream of desert luxury.

We had the best lunch with an amazing view over an 80 metre long pool, the weather was beautiful enhanced by lush green grass and the most amazing blue skies. We wanted to relax and to treat ourselves to something special away from craziness of the city and we did, it was the best feeling of the day! 

Marjorelle Garden is definitely a must-see for anyone who appreciates fashion, art and nature. We absolutely love bold colours! We would advise you to visit in the early morning or evening to avoid crowds.

The garden was designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle, who bought the property in 1930’s and then spent 41 years turning it into a luxurious oasis. Years later, Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé discovered the gardens and purchased the property. They lived there, drawing inspiration from the garden retreat and adding new species of flowers and plants. When YSL passed away in 2008, his ashes were scattered at the Jardin Majorelle and a memorial was built there in his name.

That’s a wrap for Morocco, we will be back!